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Time@Work: Intelligent management of time based on keeping your promises

We all want to be more efficient and productive at our working place and also need time to invest in our personal life. Unfortunately, we do not manage all the time to determine precisely which are the personal and company priorities or to organize our  ''to do list '' efficiently so we can perform at a high level.

Time is a finite resource. For having the results expected in the professional and personal life, the efficient use of time becomes a key element. Participating at the Time@Work seminar in London, the participants will learn how to identify the issues related to use of time and which techniques they can apply to take control of it.

Time@Work is a course oriented towards a more rapid transfer of knowledge to learners. The course is structured in 60% and 40% of practical exercises and theoretical information so as to achieve an efficient fixing of TM techniques and concepts presented.

Time@Work training course includes practical exercises for individual and group for acquiring a more complete knowledge of techniques and skills that are used frequently in Time Management. More than that, it contains clear notions that are checked over time to help the participants to reach their goals. These informations can be used strating with the very next day in business activities and also the personal ones.


For those who want to quickly learn the essential techniques of Time Management:

  • Employees

  • Managers

  • Resources in projects

  • Decision makers

We recommend this course for employees from departments: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service Production, Human Resources, Administrative Purchases / Acquisitions and IT

What participants obtain?

  •      They will be able to make the difference between personal level and team level decisions

  •      Gain the ability to identify solutions for the meeting of deadlines

  •      Gain a new perspective on time control

  •      Understand few essential techniques for managing time

  •      Gain the ability to identify factors that affects the efficient use of time

  •      Learn how to set priorities

  •      Understands the importance of delegation

  •      They understand how to use technology in order to improve the activity at the office by managing time

  •      Improved ability to deliver on time what they promised


  • Time@Work Method

  • About time and its management
    o Time thieves
    o The anatomy of failure
  • Planning the activities related to time

           o Goals, Clarification, Checklist

           o Activities, Actions and Action plans

           o Analysis Paralysis Effect

           o Prioritization Techniques: Natural prioritization, List based on priorities, The Pareto principle, Eisenhower method, Matrix Importance Emergency, ABC prioritization method (Daily, weekly, monthly)

            o The result of planning

            o Rules for worklist

  • Efficient execution of tasks

            o Breaks Management, Managing delays, Delegation of tasks, The delay decision, Multitasking, Day Evaluation

  • Advanced techniques for prioritizing and planning: Priority after scoring, Sequencing, Imposed prioriry, Determination of timelines and deadlines, Negotiating of deadlines
  • Meetings Management

           o Meeting preparations, Meeting conducting, Meetings planning, Duration of meeting,

  • Personal productivity

           o The principle of categories, Paralysis, How to get rid of paralysis, Personal Development, Managing stress,

  • Using specialized software for managing time


The teaching is made by the trainers with relevant business experience .


£ 790 VAT exclusive

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