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Sales@Work Course description

Sales@Work is a course specially designed for employees with average experience in B2B Sales that wish to develop and strengthen their sales skills to gain the sales professional status.

The course focuses on using a structured sales process, learning techniques and learning the key of sales and  learning of generally valid working recipes that helps the learners to easily adapt to each situation and achieving personal autonomy and talent necessary in daily activities.

During the programme the learners will learn how to approach prospects customers, manage sales discussion, overcome blockages and efficiently handle customer objections.

In addition, they will learn how to effectively close the sale cycle using value propositions aligned with the specific character of the client.

Primary Audience:

  • Sales Managers

  • Inside Sales

  • Middle management from the Sales Department

  • Antrepreneurs

  • Employees with medium experiencein selling

  • Sellers who have participated to other selling courses and want to align with the modern sales techniques

Secondary Audience:

  • Marketing department employees

  • Employees in sales support position

  • Representatives of support departments (technical, service, processing, logistics, financial, etc.)

  • Sellers who want to maintain their agility in sales activities

  • CEOs of small and medium companies

During the course, the participants will:

  • Learn the knowledge and skills needed for any professional seller

  • Understand how customers buy

  • Learn new tools of selling to increase their chances of closing sales (sales growth) and to help them to fulfill their monthly targets

  • Gain the ability to build value for the customer

  • Learn the recipe of a consistent follow-up

  • They will be able to acquire a valid prescription of general sales that can easily adapt to each situation and personal skills

  • Understand the objections of the client and how to handle them (both in general and particular case of each of the participants)

  • Exercise the skills acquired in practical activities

  • They have the chance to lose some of the "diseases" specific to vendors: assumptions, unserious proposals, without follow-up


  • Selling B2B according to the market specific

  • Seller’s palce in the company, the key success factors

  • Purchasing timeline, price and ways to approach

  • The value-based selling model

  • Needs, risks, targets and reasons for buying

  • Selling process :          

            o    Prospecting

            o    Oportunity

            o    Sale discussion

            o    Blockages

            o    References request

  • Techniques of identification and handling the objections

  • Preventive approach


The teaching is made by trainers with relevant experience in management positions in sales and marketing departments in companies with national and multinational activities.


£ 790 VAT exclusive

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