Leonard Claudiu Barbulescu - Senior Trainer, Persolog DISC certified


Leonard Claudiu Barbulescu – Senior Trainer, Persolog Certified Trainer

Training Areas: Value Selling, Time Management, Customer Service, Soft Skills, persolog DISC

Claudiu is passionate about helping others in their professional activities. He is a passionate professional with 20 years’ experience in Sales, Export, Distribution, Shipping and Customer Service in various industries including fine art materials, FMCG, Telecommunications and Health Care.


He is driven by working with great people for great causes, influential when engaging with customers, inspirational when connecting with the world and driving the business forward.

An excellent team player, able to use own initiative to help people and organizations to  achieve their objectives and make a positive impact on business and processes.

For many years Claudiu has pursued his love of developing a deep understanding of the sales knowledge along with the areas that contribute to a salesperson succes as time management, productivity, personality and customer centric approach.

Claudiu received good quaility training from Axioma, Persolog and IOE UK